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Giulivo olive oil
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Giulivo Oil

the organic olive oil from Itria Valley

Giulivo Oil doesn’t come from an old family business established in the territory. “Giulivo” oil is an idea, a deep feeling that finds its reasons in our origins as Apulians, in love with a land that retains a beauty intact over time, where everything is in perfect balance between modernity and tradition, between the meticulous man’s care and the spontaneity of a flourishing and free vegetation. For people like us, employed in different professions, variously related to cultural and artistic areas, the idea of ​​producing pure oil according to the dictates of nature was inevitable, (As it is for all the inhabitants of our region, used to cultivating their products on their own).

To put together a stage actress, whose work has taken her around the world for many years and a high school teacher, was just a common passion and a concrete aim: the creation of something good and healthy to share, with the consciousness of owning a treasure of inestimable value. We were lucky enough to be born here, in a place where the ancient cave dwellings, the “trulli” are not abandoned but restored, or rebuilt on the traditional model and where oil is still produced in ancient mills, although the process of modernity never stopped, here, despite appearances. We want to play our role and be a little ring in the dynamics of a very special mechanism that propels all of us into the future, in the greatest respect for the identity of our region and our people.

Hi! I am Monica and around me, you can see my organic land and my wonderful olive trees! We produce a very pure extra virgin olive oil with an excellent taste. You may ask why I can say that! Because it is the same oil that my family and I use! Today is the first harvest day! It is a joy to see the nets filled with olives! And Tonight our excellent oil will be ready. Contact me, try it, and we’ll become good friends! It’s time to go for work!

Olio Bio Giulivo

Giulivo Organic Oil

Huile Bio Giulivo

Bio-Öl Giulivo

Itria Valley

Located in the southern part of the ‘Murgia’, in the heart of Apulia, the charming Itria Valley is an area characterized by lush vegetation dominated by olive, cultivated in the lands of farms, the small stone fortresses of the area. The coastline is marked by long sandy beaches, dunes and protected natural reserves. Many are the traces of ancient civilizations, rock settlements, castles and ‘trulli’ made with the technique of dry stone. Locorotondo, Cisternino, Alberobello, Ostuni, Martina Franca, in the provinces of Brindisi, Bari and Taranto, are among the most beautiful villages in Italy, protected by UNESCO for the unique and unforgettable landscape. Its name comes from the Byzantine east in memory of the ‘Madonna dell’Odegitria’, the one who shows the way. From the top of the hills, there are three colours: the green of oaks, olive groves and vineyards; the white of ‘trulli’; the red of the land, covering the soil with a thin layer that allows a luxuriant nature and makes Apulia the first region in Italy for the production of excellent olive oil.

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